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Causes Of Respiratory Alkalosis

The human body requires oxygen to function properly. Oxygen is introduced into the body by inhaling air. Exhaling, in turn, produces carbon dioxide, a by-product of the body. In ideal conditions, your respiratory system keeps the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in balance. When this balance is altered, it causes of respiratory alkalosis.

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This medical condition occurs when the level of carbon dioxide in your blood drops below normal. This leads to a rise in the blood’s pH and it becomes too alkaline. There are several causes of respiratory alkalosis as discussed below.

Hyperventilation: This is essentially over-breathing. It may be caused by faulty mechanical ventilation. Hyperventilating will lead to excessive oxygen levels in your body thus causing respiratory alkalosis. Stress: One of the body’s responses to stress, fear and anxiety will be to breathe faster and deeper. This will increase oxygen levels in your body.

High altitude: High altitude areas have low atmospheric pressure. This will lower the oxygen levels in your lungs. As a result, your breath is faster than normal. Your body, compensating for low oxygen level will reduce carbon dioxide levels thus respiratory alkalosis.

Pregnancy: This condition is normal during pregnancy. Pregnancy may lead to short and fast breaths. This may vary from person to person.

Asthma: This lung disease leads to shortness of breath and may result in respiratory alkalosis.

Pulmonary embolism: This is a blood clot that occurs in the lungs. As it will restrict blood flow, it will lead to increased respiration rate and reduce the carbon dioxide level in the blood.

Aspirin overdose: Also known as salicylate poisoning, an aspirin overdose will be a cause of respiratory alkalosis. Aspirin stimulates the respiratory center thus increased oxygen levels in the body.

respiratory problemVocal cord paralysis: Over-breathing will occur as a result of the loss of vocal volume. It’s a major cause of this condition.

Liver failure: This will lead to chronic respiratory alkalosis. Other causes include Fever, which results in increased metabolic demands, pain, stroke and drug abuse.

If the above causes can be avoided, corrected or contained, respiratory alkalosis can be prevented. Experiencing breath shortness should be enough to make an appointment with your doctor.

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