Conscious Breathing – Improve Your Mind

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Conscious Breathing – Improve Your Mind

Sally think of breathing as something we just do without any conscious thought. On the other hand, it may not be as instinctive as we think. After all, babies usually get a pat to breathe immediately once they enter the world. The truth is that breathing habits can be learned and changed. Reforming your habits can be difficult, but the results are very rewarding.

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Many people think that they have breathing, and to some extent, this is very true. Otherwise, they would not be able to live in the way we think is normal. Yet, such people could go from cradle to grave without ever knowing that they are not breathing optimally. For most people, breathing is characterized by long inhalations and short exhalations. Breathing, in general, can be very light and shallow and is often limited to the upper respiratory tract. The abdomen is used very little, and breathing becomes easily unpredictable in moments of stress.

Your breathing patterns can have a major impact on your health, especially if you have ailments such as asthma, emphysema or cystic fibrosis. In fact, the therapy prescribed by your doctor may include breathing exercises. Medicine alone is not enough, and you may want to avoid surgery as much as possible. By consciously applying better breathing patterns, you can live an active life despite the disadvantages of your illness.

breathing problemIn addition, concentrating on your breathing can trigger much needed mental discipline. It is very important that you concentrate on something that you normally treat as instinctive. The discipline itself will be valuable to you in many aspects of your life: in business, in art, in love. Successful engagement for important things requires that we focus on them, and suppress our instinct to be distracted by the brightest, most brilliant person or thing that comes in the tube.

So, which conscious breathing methods are the best? It really depends on your goal. Some people have the more physical endurance to do sports. Others want better concentration and memory for their academic or professional success. On the other hand, there are those who see breathing as a way to gain more clarity and serenity amidst an isncreasingly cluttered world. People after the third reason may or may not attach religious meaning to their breathing exercises.

If you want to breathe consciously, it makes sense to get support. This could take the form of a mentor or exercise partner, or you could even invest in a kind of machine to help you breathe better. Conscious breathing does not have to be a chore. It can be a fun and healthy way to connect with friends and family. If you get support, you may be able to make your new breathing patterns habitual. (This is the point of things like self-help groups.) Change is easier if you do not do it alone.) Try these methods and see what conscious breathing can do for you.

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