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Shortness Of Breath Exercise

Shortness of breath is all about having difficulty in breathing.

It is mostly related to chronic diseases such as anemia, heart disease, asthma etc.

It can also be caused by strenuous exercises or being overweight /obese.

Fortunately, you can control it through shortness of breath exercise…

…however, if you suffer severe shortness of breath, I recommend that you consult your health specialist before carrying out any exercise.

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Below is a list of shortness of breath exercises to help you control your shortness of breath. Improve your cardio fitness.

Consult a professional trainer to help you improve your cardiovascular muscles.

The major benefit of cardiovascular exercise is that, it strengthens the lungs and the circulatory system thereby preventing shortness of breath.

Lose weight

You might be experiencing shortness of breath because of being overweight/obese.

Enroll in your local gym and have a trainer to help you train during the entire weightloss journey.

You can also start with easy home-works such as walking and doing sit-ups.

To help you lose weight practice taking a healthy balanced diet.

Avoid junk foods and take alot of clean water.

Learn breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are a preventive measure to help curb your shortness of breath.

You should consult with your health specialist the different breathing exercises to help you relieve and ease your shortness of breath.

Breathing exercises include:

Chest wall stretch.

It helps in improving the flexibility of your chest wall muscles.

Deep breathing 4-8-8.

It helps in improving the movement of air in and out of your lungs.

Breathing exercises should also be taught as a first aid measure to friends and family members. This is important especially if a person suffering from serious chronic disease such as asthma has difficulty in administering first aid on themselves.

Practice good posture

It is a good measure to learn and train yourself to sit in the correct posture.

When you are sitting for long hours ensure that you use seats with straight backs.

This will help to ensure that your back is straight and that your lungs are not squeezed, thereby preventing shortness of breath.

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