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Simple Out Of Birth Exercise

Out of birth or dyspnea, which means struggle to fill the air into your lungs or uncomfortable feeling while breathing. These kind of problem lies in ten out of five people. This is very harmful for your lungs and heart. Breathing air actually fill in you blood vessels. Small exercise and just bit of change a daily routine of life. can resolve this problem.

The main point is resolve this problem is keep calm and comfortable. When you get this uncomfortable feelings while you breath.

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These are the simple outh of breath excercise:

  • Take a coffee or tea:

Some people get calm while they drink coffee or tea. Basically these kind of drink keeps your mind refresh. This can improve your lungs muscle.

  • outh of breathBreath out using your lips:

When you get uncomfortable feeling, just keep start breath out through lips. Like purse the lips and breath out. This simple exercise may resolve the problem. Don’t breath out fast. Just be gentle.

  • Forward sitting:

Forward sitting is one of simplest exercise in out of breath problem. The exercise is just site the chair and leaning your chest forward, Gently give rest to the elbows on top of your knees.

  • Standing with supported back:

Actually out of breath problem happen when we get nerves. So to overcome this problem is just stand with supported back on the wall. Don’t think seriously just think what are they gives you happiness. Then gently try to breath. Keep your shoulder and arm relaxed.

  • Sleeping:

Sleeping in your relaxed position, Sleeping is one of the best way to reduce your tension. Body work based on the mind. So keep your mind relaxed. Put pillow on your head and in between your legs. This type of relaxation gives you more comfortable and resolve the breath problem.

  • Standing with Support:

This also a very simple exercise, when you get problem in breathing. Find a table or some thing like that. Just keep your arm on the table, keep chest little bit forward to the table. Relaxe your arm ,neck and breath gently

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