Acute Respiratory Infections In Children

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Acute Respiratory Infections In Children

Although deaths from acute respiratory infections have become rare due to the availability of potent antimicrobials and effective supportive care, many children suffer from a serious illness requiring hospitalization. Air enters the body through the nose where filtration and humidification take place in the lungs through the trachea. The trachea divides into two branches, each entering a lung in the cavity of the chest. The bronchi continue dividing and subdividing until they are in small structures similar to bags called alveoli where the absorption of the gaseous oxygen exchange and the elimination of the carbon dioxide takes place.

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Infections of the respiratory tract cause swelling of the wall of the airway. Because the airways are narrow in children, even a slight swelling can cause a severe narrowing of the airways and difficulty in breathing. Respiratory tract infections are classified as upper and lower acute respiratory infections. Upper respiratory infections are more common but less severe and include infections of the nose, throat, and ears. The usual manifestations are coughs, colds, and fever. Sometimes, the nasal blockage can be very troublesome.

respiratory infectionViral infections are more common than bacterial infections. Antibiotics are not necessary if there is no evidence of bacterial infection. The fever can be controlled with paracetamol, which can be administered every six hours if necessary. Antitussives (cough medicines) can be given if a cough is dry in older children. Nasal decongestants can be administered for watery nasal discharges. Medicated steam inhalation is very useful if there is a nasal block. Capsules containing liquid medications are available. You can pierce a capsule and you can squeeze the medicine on the pillow or dress of small children. The vapor of the drug will have a calming effect. The middle ear infection is very painful and babies continue to cry continuously while older children complain of an earache. If left untreated, the tympanic membrane may rupture due to an increase in pressure that results in a discharge of pus from the ear.

Lower respiratory tract infections involve the epiglottis (a lid like a structure that prevents food from entering the trachea), the trachea (trachea), its divisions and alveoli. They are more dangerous and even dangerous for life. Epiglottitis (epiglottis infection) is a serious and life-threatening condition

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Sinus Bad Breath Home Remedy

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Sinus Bad Breath Home Remedy

Bad breath can be more known as halitosis is a real problem for some. You can tell if you have a bad breathing problem by rubbing your finger on the back of your tongue as much as you can without silencing which sometimes is caused by sinus nasal discharge. Then leave your finger dry for a minute and then sniff. You need to know if you have a real breathing problem quickly. There are many bad breath treatments and home remedies for bad breath available. Below are sinus bad breath home remedy.

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Sinus is located in the back of the throat and may cause nasal discharge, making it responsible for bad breath. Poor dental hygiene will also cause poor mouth odour. The most affected part is the tongue. This part of your mouth is a suitable place for bacteria to thrive. Thus, if you do not take care of your mouth, it is more likely that you have bad breath. Again, the types of food you eat determine your breathing type. For example, if you eat garlic or other spices it is very likely that your breath will be affected.

sinus and bad breathThe most important  for sinus bad breath home remedy is to clean the teeth thoroughly and accurately, twice a day, for each day. The removal of all plaque on teeth twice a day helps keep the number of bacteria at a level where unpleasant odours cannot be produced as a nuisance.

Saliva production in the body also helps fight bacteria in the mouth, so it is good to drink plenty of water during the day to maintain the moisture of the mouth. Many alcohols and some medical conditions can have an effect on mouth drying which allows the non-viable bacteria to thrive and cause bad breath.

Full dental cleaning requires special attention when cleaning teeth next to the gums because this is an area that is easily missed. The distances between your teeth need to be cleaned daily as well, which is why you will probably need to use a dental floss. If you do not know how to use this, a dentist can show you.

Smoking is a major cause of bad breath, in fact, it has been referred to as the breath of the camel. It does not matter if you smoke cigarettes, tube, or cigars, all of that will give you bad breath worse than others. Many tried to cover the scent with mint, sweets and spirits. The problem with this is that they are all only temporary at best.

All this leads us to the conclusion that if you want to get the same refreshing, you need to give a good cleaning of the mouth once a day at least twice if possible. Then rinse your mouth after all you eat. This will greatly improve your chances of a war on bad breath.

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Signs And Treatments For Sleep Disordered Breathing

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Signs And Treatments For Sleep Disordered Breathing

It’s estimated that most people spend about one third of their lives sleeping. Believe it or not, while you sleep, your body needs that time to repair and condition itself in many ways. Those who do a lot of weight lifting need that time of rest to help their bodies heal and muscles grow. The body of an athlete is not just about staying in shape, but also about strengthening and strengthening what he has learned during the day.

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No matter who you are or what you do in your daily life, sleep disordered breathing can affect anyone. There are three different types of this disorder: central, obstructive and complex. Unfortunately, this disorder is not something that most people alone can be made aware of. Snoring is one of the most common signs of this condition, so others tend to alert the person to the problem.

People who suffer, what should be restful, often awaken tired than they should. You may not be aware or know what’s going on, but the body does a lot of work during sleep, and this can lead to awake problems. When you wake up and find that it’s difficult to breathe in the first moments of clarity (especially if it happens a lot), you may want to see a doctor.

sleep apneaIn general, adults are the most affected, but children can be affected as well. The main symptom of the disorder is lethargy during the day, even after a full night’s sleep. Moodiness, irritability, headaches and behavioral problems can also be present. Most people do not even know they are affected, so it’s important to pay attention to the signs.

Treatments include everything from mouthguards and nose strips to behavioral therapy and surgery. Because one of the problems associated with this condition is that the tongue does not stay asleep, it’s important not to take sleeping pills. Natural treatments are the safest.

Sleeping pills and alcohol can cause the muscles of the throat to relax too much and the tongue to fall into the pharynx. This can lead to suffocation and death. Whether you are having trouble sleeping or being awake, it’s always best to talk to a doctor about problems that you think you have when it comes to breathing.

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Does Breathing Pure Oxygen Safe

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Does Breathing Pure Oxygen Safe

We do need oxygen so as to live and as revealed by health experts we do breathe about 21% of oxygen. Sometimes you might think that if you are able to breathe 100% oxygen would be the best idea for you, it might be harmful to your health if you do. In summary, breathing pure oxygen is wrong and is many cases very toxic. There are so many reasons behind this, some of them are:

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The lungs in your body are mainly a series of long tubes which branch out of the mouth, nose, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles and finally they end in alveoli ( thin-walled air sacs). You will be able to find that there are also thin-walled blood vessels which surround every alveolus which is known as pulmonary capillaries. There’s also a thin wall between the alveolus and the capillaries through which gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen do pass before they are diffused to the body.

pure oxygenWhenever you inhale air, the alveoli will fill with this air. Since there is a high concentration of oxygen in the alveoli while it’s low in the pulmonary capillaries, this will enable oxygen to diffuse into the blood cells. On the other hand, since there’s a high concentration of C02 in the blood cells than the one which enters through your nose, C02 will be able to pass through from the blood to the alveoli. The concentration of nitrogen in the alveolar air and the lungs is almost the same.

Due to this exchange of gases, if you try breathing pure oxygen, then there will be a high concentration of oxygen in both the alveoli and blood cells. This can make it difficult for the oxygen to be able to diffuse to the blood cells; this can lead to breathing difficulties and your blood capillaries will lack enough oxygen.

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Get Rid of Bad Breath in the Morning

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Get Rid of Bad Breath in the Morning

Bad breath is extremely horrible and embarrassing. It could turn down your personality as well as you can’t gain many friends. Majority of the people will move apart from you if they find out that you possess a stinky breath. Another name for bad breath is called “halitosis”. The basis for getting this kind of shameful illness which greatly impacts dental health is the accumulation of particular microorganisms in your teeth.


Food particles often lead to stinky breath because it produces sulfur compounds. The causes of stinky breath include gum disorders, chronic constipation as well as tooth decay. Curing your bad breath using home treatments can help the most. Nevertheless, if your bad breath is caused by tooth decay as well as periodontal disorders, it’s better to consult your dentist regarding appropriate treatment.


Information such as chronic bad breath is extremely interesting. You can have lots of facts regarding various home remedies for this shameful ailment that you can use even at the convenience of your home. These home cures that you can find on the Internet may help you most in treating bad breath.


Here are several checklists on how to get rid of bad breath in the morning.


Floss your teeth

It’s very necessary to floss your teeth after each meal to get rid of food particles seen between your teeth. Food particles can build dangerous microorganisms that can lead to tooth corrosion. You can buy dental floss at the nearby grocery store in your area.


Gargle using water with a mixture of baking soda right after cleaning your teeth

This is an alternative to costly mouthwash being offered in the market. You can save some money by using this kind of homemade mouthwash instead of purchasing a costly one. Another essential reason to utilize this kind of mouthwash is that; it has no complications.


Chew a minimum of two cloves of garlic right after every meal

clove garlicThis is one more home cures for eradicating bad breath if you can tolerate the odor and the flavor of the raw garlic clove. But if you cannot tolerate the flavor, you can chew some fennel seeds in order to freshen your breath. Fruits, as well as veggies, may also support in stopping bad breath to occur. Make sure to include these foods in your everyday meal to remove contaminants from your body which triggers a stinky breath.


These home treatments are available when you search on how to get rid of bad breath in the morning. Through the use of these home cures, you will definitely avoid bad breath to take place.

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