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Does Breathing Pure Oxygen Safe

We do need oxygen so as to live and as revealed by health experts we do breathe about 21% of oxygen. Sometimes you might think that if you are able to breathe 100% oxygen would be the best idea for you, it might be harmful to your health if you do. In summary, breathing pure oxygen is wrong and is many cases very toxic. There are so many reasons behind this, some of them are:

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The lungs in your body are mainly a series of long tubes which branch out of the mouth, nose, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles and finally they end in alveoli ( thin-walled air sacs). You will be able to find that there are also thin-walled blood vessels which surround every alveolus which is known as pulmonary capillaries. There’s also a thin wall between the alveolus and the capillaries through which gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen do pass before they are diffused to the body.

pure oxygenWhenever you inhale air, the alveoli will fill with this air. Since there is a high concentration of oxygen in the alveoli while it’s low in the pulmonary capillaries, this will enable oxygen to diffuse into the blood cells. On the other hand, since there’s a high concentration of C02 in the blood cells than the one which enters through your nose, C02 will be able to pass through from the blood to the alveoli. The concentration of nitrogen in the alveolar air and the lungs is almost the same.

Due to this exchange of gases, if you try breathing pure oxygen, then there will be a high concentration of oxygen in both the alveoli and blood cells. This can make it difficult for the oxygen to be able to diffuse to the blood cells; this can lead to breathing difficulties and your blood capillaries will lack enough oxygen.

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