How To Deal With Shortness Of Breath And Dizziness

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How To Deal With Shortness Of Breath And Dizziness

Shortness Of BreathProbably the most common symptom of all of them with anxiety and panic is shortness of breath; some describe it as a strangling sensation or shortness of breath, just as there is no air around them.

It’s often the first symptom that will cause a panic attack. As soon as the sufferer feels that they can not breathe, the heart begins to beat from 50 to a dozen, and then you start to feel dizzy, as if you have lost consciousness, and then the fear of death hits you dead in your tracks.

Or, of course, you can feel the lack of breath, and then dizziness (or bewilderment), and then a heartbeat, and then scared to the end of the joke that you will die or lose consciousness.

Due to dizziness, millions of sensors in your body and head, combined with your eyes and ears, constantly send your brain information about fall, spatial positioning, acceleration and so on. One of these sensors is in the ear and is responsible for sensing acceleration and deceleration. Now, if these sensors become irritated or simply hypersensitive, he can tell his brain: “Fall!”. Your brain then looks at other sensors, such as eyes, and if your eyes do not match, then do not calculate, and then you feel dizzy! (There are no emails from ENT doctors, neurologists or physiologists!) I am simply trying to simplify it!)

If you’ve ever experienced this sensation, you should be aware that this is a classic symptom of a panic attack.

Here’s a quick test you can do on yourself now to see if you’re breathing properly. Put your hand between your chest and stomach area when you breathe in the chest, and the belly grows? When do you exhale your hand with your stomach and chest?

How to overcome shortness of breath and dizziness

Try to exercise this exercise several times a day. Eventually, it will become a habit, and you will apply new, healthier breathing habits.

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